Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Better than Bad, It's Good!

Making sausage is so easy, you guys!

Pork: 70% lean, 30% fat according to the nice guy behind the counter at Bunzel's.  Lots of Penzy's Bavarian spice blend and a couple percent salt by weight.  Into the freezer for half an hour, then through the grinder.  Keeping the mix near freezing stops the fat from melting and stiffens everything so that it gets cut, rather than smeared through the plates.

Back for another freeze after the first grind and then through the breach again.  I wasn't ready for casings just yet, so this got formed into a loaf pan and cooked it in a water bath into:  Meat Log!

Tasty slices, delicious by themselves; or lately, fried and made into sausage, egg, and cheese "McMuffins."