Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hollow Brass

I got some new brass for the system; a few more sets of quick disconnects, and the 1/4" NPT / 1/2" hosebarb connectors I need to tie them in to everything else.  Both were somewhat tricky to find, but they work so well, it's worth it.

When I was originally thinking about the design and layout, I was going to go all stainless.  I have a couple stainless valves on some of my kettles, and a few stainless fittings here and there.  It's pretty painless to tack on a few extra dollars for one thing at a time, but when I started to add up how much a dozen stainless quick-connect couplers costs, plus valves, plus elbows and T's, it gets pretty scary.  I was still going to bite the bullet a few things at a time and just deal with it, and then I read somewhere that brass and other copper alloys are mildly antimicrobial.

I think breweries of any appreciable size use stainless steel because it can take basically unlimited cycles of almost any chemical at any concentration you want to throw at it.  So you can brew, pump caustic soda through it to eat all the organics off, flush and circulate an acid to get the scale.  These are the things one would need to know if he/she were running a brewery.

That's *Brewing*
I'm *Homebrewing*

So, kiss my brass.  Plus I kinda like how it looks.  I like it when it is new and shiny, and I like it when it's worn in with a nice patina.  A lot of the stuff I have gets a matte golden brown color; it's clean but it looks well used.