Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hops Don't Stops

Harvest time is upon us, and that means hop picking.  It was a pretty good year for growing stuff in my backyard, and hops were no exception.  I decided it was time and tore into it, snipping of bines, plucking off cones and dropping them into a big blue tub.  It was a few hours work, but it was quite pleasant.  I had a beer (The Tim Brice) and I had a little help from a little green buddy.

I also experienced something like Cheeto-fingers, but with hop resin.

And when I was done, I had lots of hops; now drying.  I do plan to weigh them and report a total 2014 yield (the 2013 haul was one full pound, so that's the number to beat.)   The cascade plant did so well, and the Mt. Hood and Williamette plants did so meh, that I am seriously considering trimming them down and just having one plant.  But that's a decision for another day...