Monday, September 1, 2014

Berliner Weisse

This just looks beautiful to me.  It's not just the colors and textures, but for me it evokes the beauty, and in this case, simplicity of brewing.  It's mash hopped, because in the most traditional methods, it's not boiled; the wild yeast (and bacteria,of course) are introduced along with the grain itself.  The hops are the last of the 2013 backyard harvest, and the grain is 70:30 Pilsner:wheat.

In this case, I'm putting it on the lambic blend inside my Widemouthed Carboy of Truth.  It replaces an Oud Bruin that now sits patiently in secondary alongside a honey wheat.  They are keeping each other company in a row on the wall, all dated and named, observed but rarely prodded.  Waiting.  Evolving.  Waiting.

Shane kept a log of the days events, when each beer was mashed, sparged, boiled, etc., so I believe that he is going to put together a "day-in-the-life-of-a-brewday" post over on  You should check it out.