Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Tale Told by Time

It's a little bit wild, but it's very mild.  

And well balanced (didn't want to mess up the little rhyme I had going there.)  you certainly can't say that it didn't drop bright, based on this photo. 

It has inspired me to begin my own series of sour beers, a journey best suited to the patient.  However, once a Bucket of Truth has been started, the truth can be revealed in many ways; which is to say that you can ferment all kinds of things once a lambic blend gets going.  

To that end, I have a Honey Wheat in its long, slow secondary, and an Oud Bruin in a gloriously ugly primary.  Behind that in the pipeline, I'm planning a Rye/Munich mashup, and a Maris Otter "Englishman's-vacation-to-the-low-countries" thing waiting for their day.