Thursday, April 24, 2014


Not to be confused with the IRB.  I got to be the featured homebrewer at the ILB Beer Club tasting, which was held at the Rumpus Room.  I got to go in the cooler and took this apparently very excited selfie with teh beerz.

The theme was sort of loosely gathered around beers that aren't "beer," and so I brought some cider, which has a lot of honey in it, making it technically a cyser.  There's a name for everything.  Beer number two was my Pumpkin Spice Ale, a basic American Brown style with spices.  Finally there was the Ginger Beer, which was a big hit.  Probably more because no one had ever had anything that before then whether it is objectively "good."  Fine... it's pretty good.

Afterwards, I had a great discussion with Chuck, the organizer.  He also organizes the Bay View Gallery Night and Made in Milwaukee events.  He's a great guy who loves our fair city and works to make it better.  We chatted for a while over bonus samples, then this happened:

That's always a treat.