Monday, February 24, 2014

Kim-Kim-Ka-Chi, Kim-Kim-Ka-Chi

Good luck will rub off when you shake hands with me.

But right after I've been making this stuff there will be a lot of garlic, ginger, and hot sauce that rubs off with that good luck.  Maybe that's what good luck is...

This was the thickest batch of kimchi sauce I've made yet.  I've been adding more rice every time (which is twice) and it seemed to get better, so under the doctrine of "you don't know how much is enough until you know how much is too much," there's a lot of rice in this batch, which made it really thick.  

I added cucumber to this batch, which was a suggestion from a coworker who said he had cuke's in kimchi once, and couldn't find them anywhere.  We'll see how it goes.  Also, I put a burdock root into this batch.  When we were at the Food Hole picking up ingredients, I said "Ooo, burdock root, I'll put some of that in it."  Ma femme asked what it tasted like, and I said "I have no idea."  Fresh, it tastes like a really sweet delicious carrot with none of whatever it is that makes carrots taste like carrot.  Funny that I always considered burdock to be a weed.  Maybe if I had known they were so delicious, I would have thought different.  The sheep always loved them; you'd turn them into a new pasture, and the really experienced ones would head right out into the open areas and eat the burdock first.  We would pick big leaves and take them into the barn as a treat, and they would devour them.  I tried to eat the leaves, and they were really awfull, so I never understood what the sheep saw in them.  I suppose some would say the same about the kimchi I'm making; there's no accounting for taste.