Thursday, November 28, 2013

Travelling Light

This is less about fermenting things then it is about the madness that is real life, and the boring adventures of air travel.  I am writing and posting this from a Boeing 717 on my way to Washington DC to visit my sister for Thanksgiving, which is the day that it is today.

I got up, finished packing, and got in the car with ma femme, and on the way, i pulled out my phone to discover it had bricked.  We had just finished a conversation about whether I had remembered everything for my trip; I'm so used to having a list, planning and packing everything you could ever need for any contingency, that I always feel like I'm forgetting something.  Now, heck, if you have a smartphone and a credit card, you can pretty much just walk out of your house with the clothes on your back and you'll be fine (even that second thing is increasingly being integrated with the first.)  I'm actually embarrased about how much it's freaking me out not to have it.

Anyway, I got to the airport, pulled out my laptop, and signed up for the introductory trial of airport wifi, which turns out to also work on the plane!  W00t!  So I thought I would write something here just because I could.

I love a window seat, but it's hard to get one that's not just looking at the wing.  I got a pretty good one, behind the wing, but ahead of the engines.  On a 717 the engines are on the side of the fuselage, so the seats in the back (normally a pretty decent view on a 737) are blocked.  I can actually look into the engine, which is pretty cool, and especially awesome today because I can see the first row of stator blades *through* the first row of rotor blades!  That's pretty cool.

I also brought Katz's The Art of Fermentation with me, and I'm reading about ginger beer and kvass, which I definitely want to try.  The ginger beer absolutely sounds like something I'll try, probably sweetened with honey or a honey/sugar mix, fermented to dryness, primed, and bottled.  He bottles his sweet and refrigerates.  The kvass is something I want to try, but will probably be a once-off.

Seat belt light just came on.  See you on the ground.