Monday, June 20, 2016

Now is the Summer of This Content

Bacon in its early stages.  For this year's attempt, I am going back to a dry salting, at a rate of 1.75% vs. the weight of meat.  Generous but not excessive amounts of ground black pepper were added, along with cumin and cayenne pepper.  

It looks great.  I was worried when I got the belly that it was so thin.  But wedging it into the cambro I got for makin' bacon seems to be contracting it and thickening things a little.  The salt is finding its way in, and the lean is pinking up nicely.  I suppose that must have a contractile effect?  There's a little bit of water in the bottom of the tub, but not really that much.

I'm about to quit my job.  It feels so good to be on the brink of a new beginning.  Very encouraging is how excited ma femme is for me.  I hope I get a lot done in my time off before whatever happens happens.  I have a list of Things to Clean, Things to Fix, and Things to Make.  They are full and filling up.  I shall not want for lack of things to do.