Saturday, February 6, 2016


Brewing tea: some for me, some for the tea mushroom.

I recently went on a winter camping trip, and it was very cold.  Normally this is not a problem.  We also walked very far with heavy packs.  Normally this is also not a problem.  Our camp stove did not work properly.  This can be overcome.  All things can be overcome.  

Just not all at once.

I don't know whether the cold and exertion weakened my immune system, or whether the snow we melted and neglected to boil (because the campfire was going out and it was getting dark and I was starting to shiver more than I like) had something in it.  Maybe it was those things combined with the heavy, fatty, dairy-rich meals I had on my return.  Let's just say that on the Oregon Trail of life I was one of the innumerable victims of dysentery.

So to counteract the bad bacteria I had picked up, I went to the store and bought everything I could find with good bacteria in it.  Three kinds of 'kraut, kimchi, GoodBelly juice, and some NessAlla kombucha.  Within 24 hours, I was feeling better.  I've been sticking to a much healthier diet for about two weeks since then; I feel great, and I'm losing weight.

Making pots upon pots of high-quality whole-leaf tea continues to be part of my "routine" so there's plenty of tea around to make kombucha.