Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pitching like a Champ

This is the second transferring of the Stout Coffee, and while it has been bubbling away slowly, and is significantly reduced in sweetness from the first tasting, the ale yeast has had its chance to plow away at the sugar, and it's time to bring in the big guns.  If you know your Red Star yeast packet colors, you will know that this is Champagne yeast, and it's the pseudo-secret weapon of some of my higher-gravity brewing adventures.  It. Eats. Everything.

The coffee flavor is definitely hanging in there, maybe even a little overwhelming, but that's really what I wanted.  I think this might work better as a lower gravity beer.  Something that would be ready in just a few weeks, while the coffee flavor still had some semblance of freshness.  When this is finally ready, it will be 4-month-old coffee.  The sweetness is fading, but it's still syrupy.  

Also, I went really short on the dark malts, thinking that the coffee itself would make it black; in the end, it's a very milky brown yet.  I think some additional darkness would reinforce the coffee-ness of it.