Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pitch Rates and Pellicles

This picture was taken at 5:30 pm after pitching yeast at:

10:30 am according to the brew-day schedule.  The yeast was SafAle WB-06, pitched 36 hours previously as a one-quart starter.  The grain bill was again 3:5 raw wheat to Pilsner malt, this time just a 1 hour mash and 1 hour boil.  0.75 oz house-aged Willamette hops at 60 min.

While the previous Cantillon bottle-harvest starter had a lag phase of about five days, this had a lag phase of about seven hours.  Now, I could have (and plan to) do a better job at getting that bottle harvest starter going, but I let myself get too excited and didn't give it time.  It is nice to see yeast doing what they do well.

On the subject of the Cantillon attempt:

It now has a nice thin pellicle on it, which I have read is a good sign.  To be honest, this just looks like kahm yeast that you find on some vegetable ferments, however I will say that it looks less "brittle" since it has survived quite a bit of shaking, as it sits on the table next to two carboys full of wine that I shake routinely.

It appears that I am well on my way to a series of beers at this point, all with the same grain bill and minimal variations in hops, but with different brew schedules and very different yeast strains.  I've currently got a really wild one and a very tame one, with several more planned.