Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ich trinke Tee

I showed up late for a tea class with the wryly funny (and fellow Blogspotonian) Cwyn of Death By Tea, but still learned a ton about the magic of Sheng Puerh Tea.

This tea is so good, you guys.

Other than soft tannic flavor, there's nothing even coming close to the bitter swill you get from leaving a Lipton teabag in hot water for more than 30 seconds.  You can steep it *many* times, and it changes and gets more complex and wonderful.  I'm drinking 2005 Naka Villiage raw Sheng tea tonight, which was brewed at the tasting, and that she gave to me and I kept in a sealed bag in the fridge.  This tea has made like ten pots of tea since Sunday.  It makes me so mad at all the other tea I've been drinking all my life.  I thought we were friends, tea?

I'm going to go throw away some tea that no longer brings me joy.  Right now.  I'm going to do it.


Aw mang.  That felt so good you guys.  Right in the compost.  F#(% you, $#!ty tea.